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Turkish Angora - TOP 10 FACTS

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Turkish Angora TOP 10 FACTS

Discover the allure of Turkish Angoras with our top 10 captivating facts. From their enchanting beauty to their intelligent nature, these elegant cats will steal your heart. Join us on a journey into their history, striking coats, and agile movements. Prepare to be mesmerized by their affectionate and playful personalities. Turkish Angoras: elegance, grace, and everlasting charm.


0:00 Intro
0:03 They're One Of The Oldest Breeds
0:43 They Were Preserved By A Zoo
1:23 American Angoras are Genetically Different
1:56 They're A Pretty Rare Breed
2:21 White Isn't Their Only Color
2:49 They Can Be OddEyed
3:15 They're Prone To Deafness
3:51 They're Feline Border Collies
4:23 They Enjoy Riding On Your Shoulders
4:51 They Love Water
5:17 Outro

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