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Trick to cut grass with string trimmer weed eater easier!!

Kendall Todd TheSilverGuy

How to cut grass with string trimmer, weed wacker, weed eater, it goes by different names, but the concept is kind of similar.
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I show you how to cut grass plant with a string trimmer, and a trick to not get dirty, while using weed eater.
Please wear hearing protection and something to protect your eyes. I should have been wearing hearing protection.
I Kendall Todd demonstrate in this how to cut grass video, how to trim edge, mow grass, plants, etc. I used to work for a landscaping lawn care company that worked primarily on Jupiter Island Florida. There is 2 stroke 4 stroke and battery string trimmers, they are great to operate, I really like the 2 stroke models. They can even be used to cut tall grass. This is a nice string trimmer, it uses to 2 strings on a dual spool, people may call them weedwhacker, weed eater, string trimmer, etc , but this is basically a machine that can be used for mowing grass edging sidewalks and roads they can even be used against plants. I believe Weed eater is a brand of string trimmer, however stihl, homelite, husqvarna, hitachi, make string trimmers, and people may call different brand string trimmers weed eaters, or weedeaters.
I have done lawn care before in my life and using a gas string trimmer is a very useful tool when taking care of residential and commercial lines it’s nice to be able to edge and cut Grass with the same tool.
Some grass cutter weed wacker type machines, may have a fixed blade type cutter, but many line trimmers, weed wackers, have refillable spools that dispense line as you need it, there is in this instance a bump spool head, which make it easy to dispense line while cutting grass in the yard. To make line come of the spool, you merely bump the head on the ground while the motor is running, and line comes out.
If your spool is broken or not dispensing line, you may not have installed the trimmer line correctly, or you probably need to purchase a new string trimmer head. The bump head is nice to use. If you notice I have a huge roll of string trimmer line, it is wise to buy in bulk and save money, and not have to keep paying for gas, time, and wear and tear on your vehicle to keep buying small packages of stringer trimmer line. You also may save money per foot, to buy in bulk when buying the weed eater string.
There may be different sized weed eater trimmer line size, you can most likely look up your string trimmer online and find the correct size, A common line size may be .065 which may be printed on the shaft of your machine, online, on the spool, or in your owner’s manual. If you don't now the size of your string, then bring in a scrap of the old line and you may be able to size it with dial calipers. To rewind look at the middle of the spool and find the small place where line fits in, or slots where the weed eater trimmer line can be inserted into. Put the line in the slot, 1 line per slot or place where it fits in, and let the line spin as you wind up the weedeater line on the spool. It is nice to not have kinks in the line.
Some people may not want to overfill the weed wacker spool. You need to have the right balance of filling the spool, but not too much. I may have filled the spool pretty full with string trimmer line, if you are worried about, but you may want not fill the spool completely up. Once you have enough line on the spool cut it so several inches of trimmer line is in your hand and you are keeping it tight. I like to have several inches long, even over a foot, I can cut it later after the spool head is installed. This stihl is a two string trimmer so I cut two pieces of line and wind them both at the same time. Your spool could be larger or smaller so you may need a larger or smaller amount of line for your grass trimmer head spool.
Thank you for watching this video, if you liked it, please leave a thumbs and subscribing with notifications turned on. Thank you all, I love you and God loves you.
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