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Training an Australian Shepherd - Basic commands Potty u0026 Crate Training Minimize Herding Behavior

The Animals Influence

Australian shepherds are highly intelligent dogs, and are very easy to train. Their athletic lifestyle demands proper training, in order to best utilize their high energy drive. If not trained, they could learn some undesired behaviors.

While training an Australian Shepherd, it is very important to be patient and consistent in the training process. Aussies need time to fully comprehend certain behaviors. It may take up to 6 months for an Aussie to learn certain behaviors like potty training. You must always be consistent and patient during the training process.

00:00 Brief intro
00:14 Basic Obedience Commands
03:00 Potty Training
07:41 Crate Training
13:48 Minimize Herding Behavior
16:47 Some instructions

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