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TOTAL IMMERSION Into the Rosa Gallery Artists' Watercolours (Swatching Timelapse Review u0026 Tips)

Leslie Stroz

Several of you have asked me to try the Rosa Gallery Artists' Watercolours, so here it is! This video delves into swatching, discussion of pigments, a timelapse, and a review. Hope it's helpful to those looking into purchasing them. Timestamps are below for those who like to skip around. :)

00:00 Introduction
00:39 Opening Rosa Gallery Landscape Set
01:09 Initial Reactions
01:24 Opening the Tin/Comparison
05:15 Colour Index
05:38 Replacement Colours
07:18 Swatching
14:38 Painting Timelapse
21:23 Reaction/Issues
22:00 Are they like Gouache?
31:27 Tips for Use
35:37 Final Thoughts

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