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TOP THINGS RV OWNERS SHOULD HAVE • Water Filters Softener u0026 Tools


The importance of a RV portable water softener, proper water filters & RV tools. Being prepared is the key to prevent many bad things from happening & turn your fun RV experience into a nightmare.

I have triple filtered, softened water throughout my RV including my fresh water tank. All our water in the RV is pure, good tasting, safe water. And by adding the water softener, it helps prevent nasty mineral deposits building up throughout the entire RV and your appliances. All of us already has a food grade fresh water tank. It’s NOT NECESSARY to carry toxic BPA plastic water bottles, big jugs of water, perhaps a Berkey water filter or maybe an under the sink filter that you use for drinking & cooking. Some of you may think using your fresh water tank is not safe to drink or to cook with. If you want to keep practicing those methods, I mean that’s fine with me, but it’s just not necessary. All that other stuff you carry with you takes up more room, adds more weight to your RV & more plastic that ends up in the land fill. So just set your water system up right and be done with it.

NOTE: I meant to say this water softener will supply you 1,600gal. not 16,000gal. between recharges.
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Here's how I sanitize my entire water system and my fresh water tank:

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To buy the Custom Made to Length Hoses, Water Filters, or a 16,000 grain Double Standard Water Softener" click the link below. This company is family owned & their customer service is 2nd to none. Very easy to order what you need online and they ship fast and are a great company.

ONCE YOU CLICK THE ABOVE LINK, TYPE IN THE FOLLOWING PART NUMBERS IN THE SEARCH BOX and then put them in the cart for check out. These part numbers BELOW will give you the exact same system I have.
• For the 16,000 grain Water Softener (that will supply you approx. 1,600 gallons between recharging which is simple to do) just type in the the search box—Water Softener—and then you'll see the Essential RV Water Softener Portable 16,000 Grain w/Custom Hose.
• For my Watts Water Regulator, type in the search box—Watts 263ALF with gauge
• For the Dual Water Filter Canisters with mount, you want to get the Essential Whole RV Water Filter System with Bracket. You’ll receive (2) 10” Sedi Filters and (1) .5 Micron Carbon Filter. So type in the search box—Essential Whole RV Water Filter System with Bracket
• For extra .5 Carbon Filters which you are going to need, type in the search box—F1Pb CFB PB10 10" Carbon Filter Cartridge—. They are only sold in single packs but normally last up to twice as long as the Sedi Filters
• For extra Sedi filters, type in the search box—RVSED1 cartridge, 10", 2pk
• For custom made to length hoses, type in the search box—Hoses—and then click—Hoses, custom Built for you—.Then order what you need.
NOTE: This is a fantastic system and you'll no longer have to worry about your RV water.

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We are in no way experts or professional mechanics. Being a journeyman millwright for many years, being EX Military, has proven to be very helpful in my lifetime to know how to care for & maintain all sorts of machinery & equipment like: helicopters, airplanes, tanks, motorcycles, many types of other vehicles, along with 18 months preparing & upgrading our RV before going FT. Work you perform or product you purchase based on any information we provide is at your own risk.

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