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Top 5 Best Cat Trees (We Tried Them All)

All About Cats

A great cat tree provides a healthy outlet for your cat’s natural instincts, minimizing destructive behaviors while maximizing your cat’s physical and psychological health. We tried these top trees and evaluated their sturdiness, catfriendliness, and more. Read the buyer's guide:

Video Navigation:

0:00 Introduction
0:13 Why Get a Cat Tree?
1:17 What to Look for in a Cat Tree
2:06 Our Review Process
3:12 Armarkat 73” Deluxe Cat Tree
Buy on Amazon:
5:50 CozyCatFurniture 73” Large Cat Tree
Buy on Amazon:
7:59 Trixie Baza Senior Cat Tree
Buy on Amazon:
10:28 Trixie Miguel Fold and Store Cat Tower
Buy on Amazon:
12:22 On2Pets Large Round Modern Cat Tree
Buy on Chewy:
Buy on Amazon:
15:36 Conclusion

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