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Top 10 Most expensive cat breeds

Beautiful planet

Almost impossible to imagine our life without cats. They are very beautiful and popular. A variety of breeds provided both the nature itself and the work of breeders. Some breeds are very rare and the cost of such a cat can be several thousand dollars.

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Number 10 Russian Blue Cat
This breed has been recognized since ancient times, but earlier this breed was popular only in Russia. The main feature that distinguishes this breed of cats among others is the shiny short wool of blue color with a beautiful silver tint. In this case, the wool and the undercoat are of the same length. The price for a cat can vary from 400 to 2000 US dollars.

Number 9. Serengeti Cat
This cat received its unusual name for a coat-like color, resembling a serval. This breed was bred at the end of the last century, by crossing two breeds: the Bengal and the Oriental cat. The result was excellent - a cat of strong build, spotted color, with long legs and big ears. The price for such a cat is from 600 to 2000 US dollars.

Number 8. Toyger Cat
This cat really looks very similar to a tiger, only a small one. Her character is very calm. This striped cat is distinguished by intelligence and ability to learn. She is always interested in everything around and she is always ready to play. You can take these amazing cats with you even on long trips, they transfer such trips easier than the absence of a host nearby. Price ranges from 500 to 3000 US dollars.

Number 7. American Curl
 Often, a high price has to be paid for a rare breed of cat, and in this category one should single out the American Curl, whose hallmark is the ears. They turn back, forming a kind of small horns. Such ears give them an ever-joyful and slightly wary look. The cost of a kitten varies from 1000 to 3000 US dollars.

Number 6. Elf Cat
This cat has a beautiful and unusual appearance, and even the name speaks for itself! This breed appeared just a few years ago, and quickly gained popularity. Elf cats have large eyes, completely no hair on the body, and large ears are bent forward. Perhaps because of the ear, the breed received such a name. The nature of these cats is just wonderful. But, accordingly, the price of such unique cats ranges from 1,300 to 3,000 US dollars.

Number 5. Bengal cat
If you like exotic animals that are not dangerous and do not differ in large size, the Bengal cat is exactly the breed that you are looking for. The consequence of crossing an ordinary cat with an Asiatic leopard, turned out to be a Bengal breed. By coloring it is very similar to a small leopard. Thick luxurious wool with amazingly beautiful spots, strongly distinguishes such a cat from other breeds. Price amazing cats from 1000 to 4000 US dollars.

Number 4. Safari Cat
One of the most unique breeds of cats, which combine the predatory beauty of wild animals and the friendly sociable nature of domestic cats. This breed is descended from geoffroy, a wild cat from South America. With all its wild appearance, the cat has a gentle and balanced character and gets along well with other pets. The price is such a unique breed from 4000 to 8000 US dollars.

Number 3. Kao-Mani Diamond eyes
  This breed is similar to a Siamese cat, and in ancient times Kao Mani could belong only to the royal families of Siam. They attributed the ability to bring good luck and long years of life. Very smooth coat of white color, combined with expressive eyes, the color of which can be blue or yellow. Sometimes there are even cats with multi-colored eyes and they are especially highly valued. The price of such beautiful cats is from 7,000 to 10,000 US dollars.

Number 2. Chausie Cat
  This is not only an expensive, but also a very rare breed, because in order to achieve it, it was necessary to cross a swamp lynx that lives in Africa and a domestic Abyssinian cat. Chausie cats are incredibly smart and active. They are very sociable, affectionate and gentle, but predatory genes sometimes force them to do things unthinkable for domestic cats. The cost of the breed is from 8,000 to 10,000 US dollars.

Number 1. Savannah Cat
  First place is rightly occupied by the most expensive breed of cats in the world - Savannah. This huge descendant of African Serval, can weigh 15 kg. Such a cat looks unusual and powerful, but at the same time there is no severity in it. Savanna is a very active breed, they need a lot of space for games. These cats need to walk in the fresh air, and communicate with other animals. This breed of cats costs from 4000 to 22000 US dollars. Bengal cat plays with water. MY TEN FAVORITE DOG BREEDS. acrobatic bengal. Mastermind Cats | Funny Cat Video Compilation 2017. The SMALLEST DOG BREEDS in the World. Cute Maine Coons chattering at city birds - pretty funny. Most interesting cat in the Rocky Mountains. Top 10 Tips on owning a Savannah cat. Difference Between British Shorthair And Scottish Fold. RARE Dog Breeds You Probably Never Heard Of. Top 10 Most Friendliest Cat Breeds. NEW! Bengal Cats Prices Range. Living with Bengal Cats. Watch a Persian Kitten Grow! Doll Face Teacup Persian Kittens For Sale at! Scottish Fold Cat.

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