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TOP 10 Awesome Black Cat Breeds


10 Awesome Black Cat Breeds
1. Norwegian Forest
You didn’t think this was going to be the first one on our list, did you? But the Norwegian Forest cat is one of the most beautiful black cat breeds out there, so it deserves to be mentioned early. Of course, it comes in various other colors white, cream, red but plenty of people would argue that there is none more beautiful than the black variety.

When we find a list of beautiful black cat breeds that doesn’t include the Norwegian Forest, we tend to raise our eyebrows; how can you leave this gorgeous cat out? While it’s true that there aren’t many of these cats in the USA, the fact that they’re relatively rare makes them all the more special.

This is a long glossyhaired cat that holds a handful of records for being especially large and magnificent. Known as a skogkatt in its native Norwegian language, it is a fit, friendly and loving pet. Ensure it gets plenty of exercise.
2. Siberian
Not dissimilar to the Norwegian Forest cat, a black Siberian cat is a thing of wonder and splendor, with its voluminous fur, bushy tail, and yellow eyes. Another rare find, this is a cat that will turn heads: it’s a bundle of pitchblack cuteness with a personality to match.

Originally from the forest, like its Scandinavian counterpart, the Siberian cat needed its thick coat of fur in order to survive the Russian winters. It wasn’t until 1990 that official Siberians began arriving in the US and it has been growing in popularity ever since. It’s easy to see why: not only is it stunningly beautiful, it is also a strong, sociable, and adventurous breed, quick to learn and unperturbed by water. What’s more it’s hypoallergenic. It might just be the most perfect of black cats.
3. Bobtail
Even rarer than the Siberian or Norwegian Forest is the Bobtail, one of the most distinctive breeds in the world. A cross between a sealpoint Siamese and a shorttailed brown tabby, the Bobtail is notorious for having a truncated tail, ‘bobbed’ in appearance. A niche within a niche, the black Bobtail is a prized companion; you won’t see many just twiddling their paws on the streets.

If you can get your hands on a black Bobtail, you can be sure of a good time: it’s a breed that’s known for its adaptability, its friendliness and its intelligence. It’s even been known to join its pet parents for walks.
4. Ragamuffin
If you want a cute black cat, you’re in luck. Meet the Ragamuffin. Also known as the Ragdoll, the Ragamuffin is often compared to a puppy because it is so wonderfully affectionate and keen to play with its human parents. It’s not a petite cat, boasting a long, sturdy body and a bushy tail. Its coat is fluffy and thick but, luckily for you, doesn’t require a lot of care.

Interestingly, a black Ragdoll isn’t recognized as a purebred by the International Cat Association or the Cat Fanciers Association because the body isn’t lighter than its face, tail and legs, and because blue eyes are another criterion. But unless you’re entering a competition for cats, you don’t need to let that concern you; you’ll still have an incredibly beautiful pet who will draw gasps from everyone who sees it.
5. Rex
A cat whose fur can cause a bit of trouble, however, is the Rex: a family of cats that includes the Cornish, Selkirk, LaPerm and Devon (not to mention the innumerable other varieties like Tennessee, Iowa and Dakota). The Rex has what’s known as tufted hair, and its texture is like that of a rabbit: the hair curls, rather than growing straight like most cats’ hair.

The coalblack variant – every inch of its body exactly the same color – is a sight to behold. The Devon is particularly petite, known for its cheeky character and big ears and big green eyes. The Selkirk is curly, longhaired and cute, perfectly happy to play around with strangers and little children alike. The Cornish is alert and intelligent with short hair and massive eyes.
6. Turkish Angora
If you’re a fan of the classic Disney film The Aristocats, you’ll no doubt fondly remember Duchess and her daughter Marie, both of whom are Turkish Angoras. And, while perhaps the most infamous Turkish Angoras are white as snow, the breed also comes in a gorgeous black. A black Turkish Angora will be a perfect pet: highly intelligent and playful, this is a breed that wants to be helpful for its human family. Because of its preference for high ground, it will often perch on top of fridges or its parents’ shoulders a fabulous party trick.

A relatively small breed with semilong hair and sometimes heterochromatic eyes, the Angora is a special cat to be looked after with great care.
7. Maine Coon

8. ChantillyTiffany

9. Manx

10. Persian

You’ll need to get used to the phrase ‘grooming schedule’ as you must remember to regularly brush its beautiful mane, keeping it shiny, sleek and in excellent condition.

Like many of the black cat breeds on our list, the Persian needs a quality diet, and one which is high in protein.

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