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Tonkinese Facts

Cat Breeds

View our Tonkinese Facts Facts video and find out everything you need to know in one Tonkinese Facts Facts video. A single video crammed full of facts on this cat breed.

Tonkinese Facts video content:
Cat Breed: Tonkinese
The Tonkinese came about due to crossing the Siamese and Burmese cat breeds.
Milan Greer began crossing Siamese and Burmese in the 1950s
The Canadian Cat Association began registering the Tonkanese in 1967.
The Cat Fanciers Association granted recognition in 1984.
The original spelling was "Tonkanese", then in 1971 the name was officially changed to Tonkinese, after the Bay of Tonkin in Vietnam.
It should be noted that the breed have no association with Vietnam.
The Tonkinese breed tends to be nicknamed "Tonk".
Life Span: 10 to 16 years
Origin: United States of America, Thailand, Canada
Temperament: Friendly, Loving, Active, Affectionate, Attention Seeking.
Colour: Mink, solid, and pointed shades in natural, champagne, blue and platinum.
Average Weight: 6 - 12 Ibs.
Cat Size Category: Medium Size Cat.
Tonkinese Facts: Personality
The breed demand attention and they will keep going until they get it!
If there is a family activity going on then your "Tonk" will be right in the middle of the action!
This breed will follow you around and happily come with you on your shoulder when you are moving around.
The breed thoroughly enjoys the company of people.
Tonkinese Facts: Family, Children and Other Pets
A Tonkinese makes a great family pet and will meet and greet family friends when they arrive at your home.
Ideally the breed will need to be occupied when at home if the family are out, possibly another cat or dog would help (or even another Tonkinese?).
The breed can learn to walk on a leash.
The breed gets on well with children that treat them with the respect they deserve.
The breed is a highly intelligent cat breed and will need plenty of puzzle toys but doesn’t be surprised at how quickly they will master them!
The breed is talkative but not as loud as a Siamese.
The breed enjoy sitting on your lap.
If you do not let a Tonkinese have its own way it can be stubborn they can also be very funny with their antics to get what they want.
The breed will get on well with family dogs if they are cat friendly
Tonkinese Facts: Health
The breed can can prone to gingivitis and may be sensitive to anesthesia
Due to the link with the Siamese the breed can suffer from the following:
Amyloidosis - A disease that occurs when amyloid is deposited in body organs (Primarily the liver).
Asthma/bronchial disease, Nystagmus, Congenital heart defects, Progressive retinal atroph (test available).
Megaesophagus, Hyperesthesia syndrome and Lymphoma.
Tonkinese Facts: Care
The Tonkinese will need weekly brush this will help remove dead hair.
A daily brushing of the teeth will reduce the possibility of periodontal disease, if this is to much a weekly brushing will help.
Eyes - Wipe the corners using a soft, damp cloth use a separate area for each eye so as to reduce spreading infection.
Ears - Wipe with a cotton ball/soft damp warm water cloth Do not use cotton swabs these can damage the ear.
Like all cats the Tonkinese expects the litter box to be clean at all times.

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