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Tonkinese & Cat Activity Fun Board Food & Treat Puzzle [HD]

Yay Happens

This activity board for cats is designed for them to retrieve food, treats or items without relying on their vision. (See more...)

Items in the obstacle sections fall into the range of where a cats visual blind spot would be.

There are five modules and each has a different difficulty level: The most difficult is the globes. There are also pegs, slats, grooves, and a tunnel to reach into where they are nearly forced to squat all the way down to retrieve.

My oldest in this video is a 6.75 year old Blue Point Tonkinese female. She had just finished eating her big meal before the video each time, so does not show nearly as much interest as her younger Platinum Mink Tonkinese daughter who had not had her big meal yet.

My Blue Point is a visual learner and likes to study and gather information about new things. After a day or two she will work the puzzles like a pro from recollection of her study. She will suddenly begin doing something as if she has been working on it for months.

My Platinum Mink is more of a tactile learner. She is very hands-on (paws on?) and goes through the trial and error process very quickly.

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