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This cat LOVES to comb / Denon Rex

Bublik funny cat

#shorts #devonrex #kitten
Bublik is Devon rex breed. Very brave and smart kitten.

The Devon Rex breed is characterized by curly, soft short hair, similar to that of the Cornish Rex cats.

Curls in Devon Rex are caused by a mutation of a different gene than in Cornish Rex, and therefore when mating Devon Rex with other "curly" breeds, kittens are obtained without curls.

Cats of this breed are often called elves or aliens because of their unusual appearance. Unusually large ears are set low on the edges of the broad, flat head, the eyes are large, and the noses are slightly curved upward. The body is medium in size, gracefully folded. Unlike other cats, they have very short and strongly curled antennae, which makes it seem that they have no antennae at all. Long and strong legs, small and round pads thanks to this, they can make long and high jumps.

The wool of the Devon Rex is distinguished by a small amount of the socalled guard hair. Animals of this breed are less likely to cause allergies.

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