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Think Cats Can't Be Trained? Oh, How Wrong You Are β˜… 10 Most Trainable Cat Breeds β˜…

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➀ Cats Amazing Trick Compilation 😺 CATS That Do Ultimate TRICKS
Cat training: It sounds like an oxymoron, doesn't it?
I know there are plenty of people out there who don’t believe cats can be trained, but in this video you can watch cats that doing activities as exotic as jumping through flaming hoops or running agility courses or as mundane as sitting or coming on command. Cats can learn to walk on leash and even use a toilet instead of a litterbox.
High-five with the best cats to learn tricks, house rules and more.
The breeds listed here show a notable aptitude for training, though most cat lovers would argue that almost any cat can be taught β€” if it wants to be. Take a look at the video of these super trained cats who perform this exciting routine.
β˜… Top 10 Ultimate Trained Cats β˜…
- Abyssinian
- American Shorthair
- Bengal
- Japanese Bobtail
- Maine Coon
- Ocicat
- Pixie-bob
- Siamese
- Somali cat
- Turkish Van
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