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These Substances 'Defy the Laws' of Physics


In our macro world, everything has shape, occupies space, and behaves predictably. We're used to the expected: thin materials tear, ice chills, flames burn, and water flows downwards. Yet when the opposite happens, it leaves us amazed.

Magicians have thrived on these phenomena for centuries. David Copperfield, in 1983, made the Statue of Liberty disappear, astonishing the audience. Though it wasn't real, the act challenged reality.

But there are genuine wonders in our world, without tricks. Prepare to witness: Liquid flowing upwards, A boat in an aquarium without water, Dry water, Hot ice, And more, all defying the laws of Physics!

Substances that defy the laws of Physics!

RYV Team:
Voice Over: Kent Bleazard


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