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These Cats Are Causing Chaos! | Dodo Kids

Dodo Kids

Gritty the friendliest stray cat just needed a new home, but he got a whole lot more! That's because his rescuer already had a pet...a corgi named Tyrion who does NOT like cats. What's Gritty gonna do? Then, Pickle the cat moves into Koda the dog's house, and like Tyrion, Koda isn't happy...but it turns out her new sibling might just be the best friend she's been looking for all along. And stick around to find out who Tobi the dog picked for HIS best friend...

For another special Dodo Kids video, here's Beau — a grumpyfaced cat who has to learn to love his new Dalmatian brother! ➡    • Grumpy Faced Cat Tries To Love His Da...  

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