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There is something I want you to know about Kitten Kiki

Tiny Kitten

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Thank you for watching Tiny Kitten.
Today I would like to tell you about Tiny Kitten's policy.
First, it's about the time lag between Kiki in the video and the current Kiki.
I sometimes received comments saying, "Isn't Kiki's growth speed slow?".
Kiki in today's video is Kiki's of June 9th.
Today is June 22nd, so there is a time lag of about two weeks.
I think that some people feel that Kiki's growth is slow due to this time lag.
There are several reasons why this time lag is created.
The biggest reason is that I make videos while working.
I can only spend 34 hours a day on YouTube.
Inevitably, I can only spend about two hours editing videos.
I hope to deliver the appearance of Kiki in real time as much as possible.
However, even if I devote the maximum amount of time to video editing, I can't make up for the time lag.
Some people may say that you should skip the video in the middle and put out the current video.
However, although I may have a stubborn personality, I’m not satisfied unless I make videos in order.
I used to try to make a video by skipping the time series, but it didn't work.
I don't know if you can understand it, but I think it is a characteristic that is close to the essence of myself, which cannot be controlled by myself.
I will try to fill the time lag as much as possible, but I would appreciate it if you could watch the video knowing that there will be a time lag.
Please be assured that Kiki is growing very well.
I'm not used to writing sentences, and if I don't edit in order, I feel uncomfortable.
It is anxious for me to expose my faults like this.
But if I don't explain it properly, it may make viewers more uneasy, I took the courage to announce it.
I hope you understand.
As I mentioned in yesterday's video, Tiny Kitten's video doesn't have subtitles.
Therefore, I regret that the explanation may be insufficient.
From now on, like yesterday's and today's videos, I would like to create opportunities to convey my own thoughts.
Finally, I haven't been able to put a heart mark on the comments due to time constraints, but I have read all the comments.
Your comments are a strong encouragement for me.
Thank you very much.
Also, I received comments that Kiki's eyes may not be visible, but please be assured that Kiki's eyes are normal.
I also had a veterinarian check it.
Thank you for reading to the end despite the long text.
I look forward to your continued support of Tiny Kitten.

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✅ Lazy Kitten

・Name Coco
・Birthday  2020.10.24.
・Cat breed Munchkin (Short legged)
・Sex Male

・Name   Mimi
・Birthday  2020.10.23.
・Cat breed British Shorthair
・Sex    Female

・Name  Kiki
・Birthday 2022.5.9
・Sex   Female

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