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THE WOLF CAT - The Lykoi

Animal Watch

Called The Wolf Cat or The Werewolf Cat, the Lykoi is a new breed of cat which has only been around for a few years now. Wolf enthusiast Anneka travels to Liverpool to visit some of the first Lykois to be brought into the UK from the USA. Why are they likened to wolves? We will explain all in this weeks episode of Animal Watch.

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Scourge illustration belongs to Polish publishing house, Nowa Baśń.
  / wydawnictwonowabasn  

The author of the illustration is Jędrzej Chełmiński (  / jedrzejchelminski  .

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Narrated & Produced by Anneka Svenska

Filmed By Dominic Houghton and Anneka Svenska

Edited by Ellen Hope Cobb

A GreenWorldTV Production


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