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The Venus Fly Trap Terrarium


It's time for another experiment, the Venus Fly Trap Terrarium! A lot of you have been asking me to do a carnivorous plant terrarium for some time and here's one of them. As I expressed in the video, the likelihood for success here really isn't all that high given the nature of these plants. However, I do think that if I play my cards right I can get this to work.

Venus Fly Traps require very specific care requirements. I tried to cover the basics the best I could in this video, but if this is something that interests you, I highly recommend doing your research ahead of time (as you should with anything). I really didn't cover all that much, just enough to explain what I was doing. Also, I'm not an expert with these types of plants, but I tried my best to make a terrarium that I felt could sustain these plants.

Lastly, as I said in the video, I will document the whole process (on video) and release a follow up video in earlymid spring. If we can this thing going longterm, I will follow up with a more indepth video. I will also do a less experimental, tropical carnivorous plant terrarium at some point in the future.

If you are completely new to terrariums then I recommend checking out the lineup of videos I have linked below. It may seem daunting at first and you may initially fail, but if you keep at it, terrariums are pretty simple and really fun! That said, understanding the fundamentals is key and these videos will help you with that. From there, you should be able to take your skills and make something amazing!

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