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The Universal Rear Car Grid – turns your car boot into a dog box!


You can change the boot of your car into a dog transport box with our universal rear car grid.
The grid is easy to install, can be individually adapted to fit small, mediumsized and large cars thanks to variable adjustment options and optional height extension.

The dog travels safely in the car sitting in the car boot. Usually, dog boxes are highly suitable for this purpose, but they do not fit into every car. The universal rear car grid is the ideal solution. The dog is secured and still has lots of space. Particularly suitable for owners of several dogs who want to take 2 or more dogs along in the car.

For high cars such as minivans or SUVs, there is the optional height extension that increases the height of the grid.

You can see in this film how easy installation is, how fast removal is and how spacesaving the grid is.

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posted by betoken4x