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He was killing my birds until he made one mistake...

A Chick Called Albert

At night a fox was hunting on my domain. So every evening I took all of my feathered friends safe inside. My heart broke when he attacked during daytime and killed five of my ducklings. Then he made a mistake...

Everywhere in the world it is known: Chickens and other small livestock can walk outside during the daytime... But at night they need to be protected, for at night, the fox is on the hunt.
The most terrible happened, this fox was weird. He broke in to a little pen I had with five of the sweetest ducklings. Within no time at all he had killed every singel one of them.
He had even followed one of the ducklings through my backdoor and killed that one too.
A fox showing this behaviour, during the daytime, not even scared of coming into my home, is not right. I didn't know if he was a danger to me too. Maybe he had even rabies.
Obviously this fox had to go, but how? Then I got lucky.

Because of my Patreons I was able to build a fox proof pen. Thank you so much!
A Big Extra Thanks to our Golden Eggs:
Noa, Sarah, Crissie, Josie, Michelle, Amy, Tina, Alexis and Nadine

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Cameras used:
Sony A7
Sony NX30
Iphone 8

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