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The Truth About Butterfly Metamorphosis (It's VERY WEIRD)

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Does any other creature on Earth undergo a life transformation as dramatic as the butterfly? I think not. Unfortunately, children's books about very hungry caterpillars skip all the COOL and WEIRD and GROSS stuff that happens along the way. It's time to dig into all the mindblowing biology behind metamorphosis!

Filmed on location at the California Academy of Sciences

0:00 We were lied to as kids
1:48 Metamorphosis is more common than you think
3:36 It starts with an egg
4:46 Eat/Poop/Grow
6:05 Busting the biggest butterfly myth of all
7:23 Time to take your skin off
8:40 Inside the "sack of magic"
11:08 Metamorphosis,… metamorphosis everywhere
11:55 Why do butterflies do this?
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