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The Tetris World Record Just Got Shattered


PixelAndy just broke the all time NES Tetris score world record. How did he do it, and what made it so incredible?

Original video of Andy's game:    • First Ever 8 Million in NES Tetris (W...  

Hydrant's video:    • why the nes tetris world record displ...  
Sharky's channel:    / @itzsharky1  
Info about Tetris at Genesis X:
Marfram's column:   / marfram  

Music Used:
Ascent to the Station Synthwave:    • Ascent to the Station  Synthwave  R...  
HOME Mind:    • HOME  mind  
HOME Hold:    • HOME  Hold  
Tetris Music 3 Remix:   / tetrismusic89042618  
HOME Diffraction Spikes:    • HOME  Diffraction Spikes  
Pulsar Glitch Quest:    • Pulsar Glitch – Quest [Synthwave] fro...  
Tetris Effect Connected Area 1 Music:    • Area 1 Music  Tetris Effect: Connect...  
Punch Deck Music to Wear Fingerless Gloves To:    • Punch Deck  Music To Wear Fingerless...  
Dawn Sappheiros:    • ❰Chillstep❱ Sappheiros  Dawn  

My Twitch:   / agamescout  
My Discord server:   / discord  

Classic Tetris Elo:
Classic Tetris Leaderboards:

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