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The Stockopedia/PIWORLD Virtual StockSlam June 2021


The fourth virtual StockSlam hosted by Damian Cannon. Eleven private investors ‘slam’ their best stock idea live, in just 3 minutes, to a sophisticated investor audience followed by questions that keep the slammers on their toes. Bitesized nuggets to inspire your further research. Fast, factual and fun.

00:00 open
00:18 Damian Cannon introduction
02:40 Gamma Communications (GAMA): Damian Cannon
09:40 Redde Northgate (REDD): Jon McFarlane
15:30 VP Group (VP.): David Thornton
22:16 Tandem (TND): Andrew Robinson
28:37 Phoenix Copper (PXC): Donald Pond
33:56 Endeavour Mining (EDV): Mark Bentley
42:39 Supreme (SUP): Dexter Burt
49:21 Frontier Developments (FDEV): Twenties Trader
56:34 Novacyt (NCYT): Charles Ford
01:04:40 Synthomer (SYNT): Daniel Jones
01:10:15 Concurrent Technologies (CNC): Jack Brumby

The next StockSlam is Wednesday 8th September at 6pm. We hope you can joins us then.

posted by tracytai65363