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The Siamese Cat 101 : Breed u0026 Personality

Kitten Life

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In today's video, we are going to talk about one of the first distinctly recognized breeds of Asia.

The Siamese cat.

The Siamese cat is derived from the Wichianmat landrace, which was one of several varieties of cat native to Thailand. One thing to take note of is that, Thailand was formerly known as Siam. In the 19th century, the original Siamese became one of the most popular breeds in Europe and in North America. The carefully refined, more extremefeatured, modernstyle Siamese, is characterized by blue almondshaped eyes; a triangular head shape; large ears; an elongated, slender muscular body, and with distinct forms of point coloration. Other than coloration, the modernstyle Siamese bears little resemblance to the original breed. On the other hand, the more moderate, traditional, or "oldstyle" Siamese, with a much rounder head and body, has been reestablished by multiple registries as the Thai cat. The International Cat Association, describes the modern Siamese as affectionate, social, intelligent, and playful especially during their adulthood, often enjoying a game of fetch.

Siamese cats tend to seek human interaction, and also like companionship from other cats.

Playtime is also a must for the Siamese, so stock up on active toys if you intend to bring one of these felines into your home, this small tip will help you exercise your kitty. It will also keep the cat safe and encourage you to spend more time together, improving your relationship.

The Siamese cat breed is also known for its social behavior. They are very affectionate and are intellectually driven cats. Most of them enjoy being around people and are often referred to as extroverts. They also connect strongly with a single person. Some Siamese have a loud, lowpitched voice, known as Meezer. Meezer cats as people say it, from which they get one of their nicknames. And it's quite obvious that some Siamese are highly vocal.

Hundreds of years ago, Siamese cats were treasured by royal families in Thailand, because of their distinctive, unusual, and beautiful appearances. In fact, members of these royal families believed that when they died, a Siamese cat would receive their soul, and the cat would live in a temple for the rest of his long life, and be pampered by monks and priests.

For this specific breed, here are some of the most common health issues to watch out for.

1. Progressive retinal atrophy.
Siamese cat's eyes are prone to this genetic problem, which leads to progressive blindness.

2. Gastrointestinal and neoplastic problems.
Chronic diarrhea and stomach pain, may develop when lymphosarcoma, has infiltrated the wall of the intestines.

3. Urinary Tract disease.
This is an infection that greatly affects parts of your cat's urinary system.

4. Gum diseases.
Oral diseases in which the gums around the teeth become inflamed, or infected.

It's always best to consult your vet.

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