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The Secret of Change... (Why you fail)

Christopher Riley Conder

In this video learn about why your goals suck & how to make them better, as well as a powerful process to create any changes you need to in your life.

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00:00 Intro The Secret of Change...
00:20 Making Changes Can Be Hard
00:50 When Goal Setting Fails
02:52 The 2 Types of Goals
05:25 Reframing Your Goals
07:15 How to Be Better Than 80% of People
07:50 The Most Powerful Mental Model for Change (Be Do Have)
08:57 Stop Doing This
09:48 What Would Jesus Do (Be Do Have in action)
10:11 My Challenge To You

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WHO AM I: I'm Riley, and I am on a mission to serve my fellow brothers & sisters who want to do DEEP INNER work on themselves, heal their wounds, and then go out in the world to serve, create, and achieve on a massive level. I am here to help people, do cool shit, and share the journey & process as I live out my purpose & create my vision.

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