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The Ragdoll Cat, The Ragdoll is a cat breed.

Relaxing PAPA

Ragdoll Cat, Time to relax. The Ragdoll is a cat breed. Most popular Сat breed - The Ragdoll Cat
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Ragdolls are lazy, as if including the chronicle of their breed did not bother to throw to their offspring. The deeds of rock formation are covered with wool by twilight, through which it turns out to see only a certain number of reliable precedents.

Homeland "rag dolls" (and specifically that way literally translates the name of the breed) - United States. California breeders in the source of the 60s of the last century inadvertently came across a gold mine, and more precisely, the family cat Josephine, who has become famous for the uniqueness of appeasable temper. So accommodating, as if Josephine did not in any way write against the marriage with some adherent of the Burmese breed.

As a result of the spent efforts, the Ragdoll breed, registered in 1965 more closely, with its own standard and admirers. On the web, by the way, it is allowed to meet Josephine's photo. Consequently, as if the pro-mom of the breed were obviously of the Angora type.

Ragdolls are now used in Great Britain, Germany, Italy, France and, of course, the USA.

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