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The People Who Live With Giant Bears | BEAST BUDDIES SPECIAL


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THREE daring sets of animal owners have taken their love of BEARS to the next level – by treating them as part of their family. We start this Beast Buddies grizzlies special by visiting Jim and Susan Kowalczik who have dedicated their lives to rescuing and releasing injured animals. The couple look after 11 bears, including a Kodiak brown bear that weighs a colossal 1,400lb. Next up, we’re in Florida at the Bearadise Ranch with Monica and Johnny IV Welde. The mother and son duo spend their days rolling around with bears that weigh up to 1,000lbs and have looked after grizzly, polar and black bears for the last 91 years as a family. And finally, we meet Jeff Watson in Indiana – a professional bear handler for more than 29 years, Jeff now sees his two grizzly bears as family members.

Video Credits:
Producer: Danny Baggott
Editor: Tani McDowell

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