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The most emotional moments of wildlife filmmakers

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Wildlife filmmakers experience many emotionally touching moments on their expeditions while observing their main characters over a longer period of time.
A lucky moment for Oliver Goetzl and Ivo Nörenberg in the Yellowstone National Park: When a wolf appears they give up on a lone newborn bison. But at the very last moment, its mother arrives and saves it.
On an expedition in the Himalayas, Henry Mix is able to find Bengal tigers.
A kangaroo mother even allows Thoralf Grospitz to film its tiny baby in her pouch.
But they witness sad moments as well: On the Arctic Wrangel Island, Uwe Anders has to watch a snowy owl mother stop feeding one of her two chicks due to the shortage of food that year.
This documentary shows the most touching and the most heartbreaking moments wildlife filmmakers have experienced all over the world.

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