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The Merc is done chain bar oil under coating and linseed oil polish.

Halfass Kustoms

Well we finally get around and rust proof the under side of the Merc with some chainbar oil. Then go over the build cost. We then get the sun visor installed along with the hood ornament and put a nice coat of linseed oil on the car to giver a little pop.

00:00 The plan
02:11 Using Chain bar oil to under coat the merc
09:40 Prepping and installing sun visor for the Mercury
20:20 Going over the cost to me to build the Mercury.
25:37 Going for a drive in the Mercury
27:25 Installing the mercury hood ornament.
32:06 Polishing the Merc with Linseed oil
33:33 last look at the finished mercury.

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