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The Kiffness - Big Billy (Singing Cat) [FULL Version]

The Kiffness

Big Billy is the biggest wet willy & no one can ever take that away from him! Subscribe to my channel for more videos like this: @TheKiffness

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I am Big Billy, the Biggest wet willy
I’m gonna go clearly now

Big Billy, biggest wet willy
Gonna go so clearly now
Voluntary not so silly
Gonna make it out some how

Oh the willy knows the way, to go so clearly to the break of dawn
Gonna make it, gonna break it,
Gonna keep on going gonna get it on

Now let me tell you about Big Billy, the biggest cat there ever was
Long time ago, I was in a bad place. It was dark, I was confused
And I called on the Heavens to help me find my way again
And then came Big Billy from the clouds, and he said

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