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The Hungry Cat's buddy betrayed him and ate the whole meal.

Lucky Paws

When I met the stray cat, he was eating stale cat food in a plastic bottle. I gave him some of the wet cat food in my purse. Soon after, the cat's best friend came secretly and started eating the food on the plate. Fortunately, I have enough wet cat food and dry cat food in my bag for all the cats.

If you come across a hungry cat and want to help, here are some steps you can take:

Approach with Caution:
Be cautious when approaching an unknown cat, as it may be scared or aggressive due to hunger or fear. Approach slowly and speak softly to reassure the cat.

Offer Food and Water:
If it's safe to do so, offer the hungry cat some food and fresh water. You can use cat food, canned tuna, or other catsafe food. Avoid giving them milk, as many cats are lactose intolerant.

Use Patience:
It may take some time for the cat to trust you enough to eat in your presence. Give them space and time to approach the food at their own pace.

Check for Identification:
If the cat is friendly and appears to be a lost or stray pet, check for any identification, such as a collar with contact information or a microchip. If you find identification, try to contact the owner.

Contact Local Animal Services:
If the cat doesn't have identification and you suspect it's a stray, contact your local animal control or animal rescue organization. They can provide guidance on what to do next, including whether to bring the cat in or continue caring for it while looking for its owner.

Consider Shelter and Care:
If the cat is in poor condition or appears to be homeless, you may want to provide temporary shelter and care while trying to find a suitable home or contacting a local animal rescue organization for assistance.

Neuter or Spay:
If you plan to continue caring for the cat, consider having them neutered or spayed to prevent further stray kittens and control the population of homeless cats.

Be Responsible:
If you decide to keep the cat, be prepared for the responsibilities of pet ownership, including providing proper food, shelter, veterinary care, and love.

Remember that not all cats you encounter outside are homeless or in need of help, so it's essential to assess the situation carefully and prioritize the safety of both yourself and the cat.

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