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Ginger kitten's first meeting with the cat🐈 Will she feed him or not?

Dirty Kitten

After our little ginger kitten got to know the smaller members of the feline family, it was time to get to know mama cat. He smelled foreign, so the cat was apprehensive and took it aggressively. Joanna started growling and hissing at him. After a while, when it was time to feed the kittens, the cat lay down near the kittens. When the ginger kitten came to eat as well, she was greatly surprised and stepped aside a bit. But since the kitten was hungry, it kept up with her.
Mama cat feeds adopted kitten and sibling licks it up https://youtu.be/kI72B3sqiSE
Cute kittens overcome difficulties and get to the mother cat to feed them https://youtu.be/qrdj2dlk0L4
If you want to follow how our kittens are growing and spending their time, please like this video and subscribe to our channel https://youtube.com/channel/UCPtFz3FF...
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