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The Future of Trusted AI with Marc Benioff and Sam Altman | ASK MORE OF AI with Clara Shih


Straight from Dreamforce, the world’s largest AI & CRM conference, Clara brings us a conversation between two of the biggest names in tech: Marc Benioff and Sam Altman. AI’s potential to impact humanity is limitless, and it's essential to navigate the risks with care. Hear from Marc and Sam about how the future of AI hinges on trust.

Everyone seems to be rushing into AI and asking questions later. We’ll give you the info you need to get this right:

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00:00 Introduction
1:17 What is your biggest surprise during your trips about AI?
2:23 Did you meet anyone that inspired you on your trip?
3:51 What is the biggest surprise after eight years at OpenAI?
6:13 What is the next big step for OpenAI?
7:24 What is the most complex part of dealing with the hallucination problem?
8:20 What are the core values of OpenAI moving forward?
11:18 Were you surprised with how much "core research" OpenAI had to do?
13:42 Is AI a reflection of human intelligence?
18:20 What are the next steps for ChatGPT models?
21:55 How will AI improve productivity?
24:14 What is your favorite movie about AI?
27:10 Do you have any concerns about the state of California?
29:04 What is your message to the US government about the AI revolution?
31:15 What are the next steps for AI with the US government?
32:23 What is everyone getting wrong about AI?
33:38 Are we moving into a surveillance economy?
35:35 Can you give us some industry examples that have embraced AI?
38:40 AI and music
39:57 Closing thoughts from Clara Shih

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