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The Fall - Preston Perry u0026 Jackie Hill Perry | RHETORIC 2014


RHETORIC 2014 Was Amazing. We sold out and had folks outside who waited to buy their tickets and couldn't get in. Now in case you missed it, you can see what you missed.

If you'd like to get an official copy of this video, you can download it at:

Adam and Eve let sin change the history of the world. At first their inclination was to accuse one another. Hear Preston and Jackie take us into the fall and how through humility and forgiveness, no sin is too great to reconcile.

To book Preston Perry:
To book Jackie Hill Perry: http://[email protected]

Intro Song Title: Tokyo Extreme Racer 2
Artist: Joseph Nanner & Vandal Hearts

Thumbnail Image by: Zoe4Life Photography

Lyrics are online at

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