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The Eagle Owl is the most powerful nocturnal bird of prey on the Iberian Peninsula. Its great scope and versatility allows it to hunt on innumerable species and move silently in diverse ecosystems.

At night there are an infinite number of animals that meander under the Iberian nights; all of them working under the same premise: to eat without being eaten. Little owls, toads, frogs, foxes, wild boars, deer, wolves and an endless of species have adapted their senses to move through the darkness.

The eagle owls keep the same mate the whole life and make its nest in strategically placed cliffs to control its prey and potential predators.

With special infrared hidden cameras, we will follow the evolution of an eagle owl's nest, to witness its behaviour in the most absolute intimacy and with highspeed cameras we will discover the secrets of the stealth flight for hunting of the absolute Lord of the Night.

posted by nyastar856z