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The Bizarre Lore of Plants Vs Zombies


Plants Vs Zombies is a series full of time travel, world wars, and ruining all of reality, in this silly little adventure, I go over everything important I could find while only losing my mind a little bit!

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Some of this footage was taken from ZackScottGames, who you can find here

Ending animation done with the help of

⭐ Music Used (In Order)

~Final Wave Modern Day (PvZ 2)
~Watery Graves (PvZ)
~First Wave Wild West (PvZ 2)
~Gloomy Manor (Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon)
~Zombie on Your Lawn Instrumental (PvZ)
~Graze The Roof (PvZ)
~Blossom Haze (Sonic Mania)
~Moongrains Night Horde (PvZ 2)
~Factory Stage (MvC2)
~Lost City First Wave (PvZ 2)
~Perpetual Peace (Minecraft)
~Boss Theme (Super Smash Bros Brawl)
~Underwater Theme (Super Monkey Ball 2)
~Clock Tower (MvC 2)
~Title Theme (Garden Warfare)
~World Circuit (Punch Out Wii)
~Temple Theme (DK Jungle Climber)
~Vs Boss (DK Jungle Climber)
~Battle Theme (Raft Wars)
~Loonboon (PvZ)
~First Steps (Rayman)

(Outro) Battle Against a Mobile Opponent

0:00 Intro
0:32 History of Zombies
2:14 Plants Vs Zombies
4:54 Lawnmageddon
6:55 Plants Vs Zombies 2
9:34 China
10:38 Goofy Comic Moments
12:18 Garden Warfare
14:28 Battle for Neighborville
16:08 The End of The Comics
18:05 Plants Vs Zombies 3
19:50 The Future of The Series

The Bizarre Lore of Plants Vs Zombies

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