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The Biggest Hamster Supply Unboxing!


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These products were sent to me free of charge but with no stipulations or agreements. I am not required to show these items in videos or talk about them. I am not affiliated with the brand Niteangel, and all opinions on the products and brand are my own.


To save you some time hunting out these products, I've done the hunting for you. Below are links to almost all of the items shown in the video, organised into categories to make it easier. Note, a couple of the items don't seem to be available anymore (discontinued? idk) and a few others are only available on the UK/Canada sites.


MultiChamber Hideout (Large)

MultiChamber Hideout (Small)

4.3” Stilts For Chamber Hides

3Chamber Hideout With Removable Wall (Large)

Secret Peep Shed 2Chamber Hide/Tunnel

Ceramic Mushroom Hide

Corner Hide

Two Chamber Hideout (Large)

Cooling Box (topper for large two chamber hideout)

Cork Mats Hideout Toppers


Wooden Rectangular Platform

Wooden Corner Platform

Wheels & Accessories

Wheel Pedometer (Compatible with Niteangel Wheels)

Mint Green Silent Dwarf Wheel (S) 8.2” / 20cm

Silent Acrylic Syrian Wheel (L) 11.8” / 30cm

Clear Silent Syrian/Rat Wheel (XL) 12.6” / 32cm

Cork Running Track (Small, Medium Large)

Wheel Platform (Small)

Wheel Platform (Medium)

Spare BallBearings
Couldn't find this product on their web stores

Food & Water

Fuji Mountain Water Bowl (White/Clear)

Fuji Mountain Water Bowl (Green)

Wooden Food Bowl

Wooden Food Bowl (Fits inside shelf holes)

Bamboo Adjustable Bottle Stand (120ml Bottle)

Acrylic Adjustable Bottle Stand (80ml Bottle)

Sand/Dig Boxes & Accessories

Small Acrylic Corner Sand Bath

Acrylic Corner Sand Bath With Lid

Acrylic Sand Bath With HalfLid

Sand Bath Mesh Scoops

Digging Box

Other Accessories

Wavy Ladder/Bridge

Wavy Climbing Toy

Wavy Underground Tunnel

Wooden Carrot Chews

Cardboard Tube Set

Suspension Bridge

Birch Log


Forest Moss

Orchard Grass

Desert Sand

Cork Granules

Coco Chips

Plant Sprays & Flowers

Paper Bedding
Couldn't find this product on their web stores


Helpful Hamster Care Resources

Safe & Unsafe Food For Hamsters
(the most trustworthy & reputable list I have found, cites multiple sources & uses scientific studies to debunk myths about certain "unsafe" foods)

Hamster Central Forum ➤
Das Hamster Forum ➤
Hamster Clubhouse Forum ➤
Hamster Welfare (Care Guide)

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