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Sho Ko

My 100 Planks book is available at'>



Hey everyone! To celebrate the release of my 100 Planks ebook (available at'>, I've gathered some behind the scenes footage of my photo and video shoots. Shorty and Koko are just so helpful, aren't they? Do you have your own PURRsonal trainers to help with your workouts?

My new book is also an updated edition with:

•100 plank variations with detailed descriptions with common mistakes and corrections
•Video tutorial links for every single plank
•Over 20 different core workouts for beginners to advanced
•Standing modifications
•Advice for weight loss, back pain, shoulder health, and general beginners
•Ways to increase your overall core strength, rotational and antirotational power, and body awareness to assist in sports and daily activities

Build your strongest core ever with 100 Planks, available at'>

You don't need a kindle to read it. You just need the Kindle app which is available free in your app store for phone, desktop, or tablet.



Music is Fuzzball Parade by Kevin MacLeod,

posted by Korumlya05