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The 10 Most Intelligent Cat Breeds | Top 10 smartest cat breeds | Compilation

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The 10 Most Intelligent Cat Breeds | Top 10 smartest cat breeds

It's not too difficult to identify smart cats. They usually have plenty of energy, along with a mischievous streak. Most are inquisitive, highly in tune with their household activities, and enjoy the challenge of learning tricks and interactive games. If you're looking for a clever kitty. It’s similar to the way human children learn and play by experimenting and exercising their imaginations. Cats are able to entertain themselves, and they’re great at finding out how to get to new places. Here are 10 of the smartest cat breeds.

1. Abyssinian
2. Balinese
3. Bengal
4. Burmese
5. Cornish Rex
6. Havana Brown
7. Korat
8. Savannah Cat
9. Siamese
10. Singapura

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