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That's Why Your Cat Sleeps with You


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Why do cats like to sleep with their owners? Is it healthy, by the way? And if it's not, what are the risks? Actually, most of the cat owners sleep with their pets. Are you one of these people? Then you know that it's really relaxing to sleep with a cat listening to their purring. And they are so warm and soft! But have you ever wondered why your cat loves to sleep on your bed so much?

The sweetest thing is that it’s their way of saying “I love you!” Cats can't tell you this directly, so they kneed your legs, bring you gifts, show you their belly, purr, and sleep by your side to show affection. They can be independent and antisocial, especially compared to dogs, but they miss you dearly when you're away.

They're just using you as a free heater 0:23
They feel safe this way 0:48
It's a way of marking their territory 1:12
It's just so comfy! 1:40
It’s a way of saying “I love you!” 2:07
But is it safe❓ 2:33

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