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What is Torque Converter? How To Multiply Torque?


The torque converter, which looks like a huge cake mold, is perhaps one of the most difficult parts to be understood and explained among the systems used in the automotive industry. Already the torque word is a difficult term in itself, and we try to understand what the torque converter means. We will try to explain this piece, which is the indispensable part of fully automatic transmission systems, to you with an understandable dill, kitchenware and daily examples.

The torque converter is basically composed of four basic parts, impeller, turbine, stator and cover, but parts such as the lockup clutch locking mechanism and the vibration reducing spring mechanism, which increase the efficiency, are also widely used today. On the other hand, the first examples of torque converters date back to the 1950s, and the operating principle has hardly changed at all. The basic working principle is provided by impeller, stator, turbine and cover.

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