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Switchback English Cocker Spaniels

Today we will be demonstrating the alternative to clipping the top portion of our dog's ear. English Cocker Spaniel's ears are typically clipped at the top to accentuate their low ear set and aid in proper expression. Ernie's ears are now clipped but for a long time I stripped the top portion instead! Many people chose to do this with their English Cockers especially red and orange roan dogs because clipping can change and dull the coat color in that area. In this video I am both carding and pulling the hair to get a soft smooth finish.

Ernie is on instagram @Ernietheengie
You can follow the channel on instagram too @TNCdogs

Here is the link to a stripping knife similar to the one used in this video! The following are affiliate links, they don't affect the cost for the consumer but give a few cents to support making more videos.

Fine Stripping Knife

We hope this video was helpful to you as you navigate owning an English Cocker Spaniel! Don't forget to enjoy the journey:)

posted by klahu1e