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Stop Trying to Get It And You'll Have It | The Backwards Law


The backwards law proposes that the more we pursue something, the more we achieve the opposite of what we truly want and the more disappointed we feel. Or simply put: the harder we try, the less likely we’ll succeed. On the flip side: when we stop trying, we’ll have what we want.

Now, how exactly does this backwards law work in practice? Or more specifically: how exactly do we get what we want, by not trying to get what we want? This video explores the backwards law and its paradoxical nature, as well as the cause of our ongoing dissatisfaction in life, and how we can liberate ourselves from it.

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00:00 Intro
02:10 What are we trying to get?
04:25 A sense of lack
06:07 The willtolive
07:54 How to have what we want

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