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Stink Bug NYMPH Infestation $3 Homemade Killer Solution That Works FAST


Stink Bugs are a major pest on Citrus trees. A mixture of 2 Cups Hot Water, 1 Cup of White Vinegar and 1/2 Cup of Dishwashing Detergent is a cheap and effective way to kill Nymph Stink Bugs from your Citrus trees. In my experiments I find out that standard White Vinegar 4% acid content works as well as Double Strength White Vinegar 8% acid content. I was skeptical about the effectiveness of this very inexpensive insect spray until I saw how quickly it was able to disable Nymph Stink Bugs in very short time.

The ideas online of using Vacuum Cleaners, Hair Spray and just Water will not solve the underlying infection problem. Sure a Flame Thrower will work but then I will lose all the developing fruit on the tree.

The Nymph Stink Bugs you see in this video are Musgraveia Sulciventris which is a large stink bug found in Australia, sometimes known as the Bronze Orange Bug. It is considered a pest, particularly to plants in the citrus group. Bronze Orange Bugs suck the sap from trees, which causes the flowers and fruit to fall. The common name of Stinkbug refers to a malodorous liquid that the insect sprays when threatened. It is composed of alkanes, cimicine and aldehydes from glands in the thorax. These compounds primarily serve as protection against fellow arthropods, to which they are lethal. However, the defensive chemicals of M. Sulciventris are known for being among the most debilitating to vertebrates, which is likely a defense specifically aimed against birds. They can cause damage to human skin and even cause temporary blindness if sprayed into the eyes. The Bronze Orange Bug can spray the liquid at a target up to 0.6 m (2 ft) away.

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