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Stephen Tries Talks The King's BIG Problem Netflix Interrogate The Sidemen u0026 MORE! FULL POD EP.166

The Fellas

After 166 episodes we FINALLY have Stephen Tries on the podcast! Stephen filled us in on all his latest goings on, his most traumatising stand up gig and Proddy delivers some of the most bizarre would you rather dilemmas to date... strange bloke.

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00:00 Stephen Tries Enters
08:05 Stephen Performing at a work party
13:25 Max’s career
17:00 Tomorrowland
27:38 Their fantasies
35:00 Sidemen Doc
43:48 Stephen learning to run
57:30 Stephen’s first date
01:04:20 Would You Rather
01:11:50 Condom dilemma
01:27:30 TV shows that don’t exist
01:32:10 Superheros that don’t exist

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