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Stealing Turtle Eggs Got People Shot, But The Thievery Continues | National Geographic

National Geographic

Olive ridley sea turtles are a threatened species, and the Mexican government has made it illegal to harvest their eggs from Pacific beaches. Mexican marines patrol those beaches, and violators have been prosecuted. Many have been jailed. Some have even been shot. Yet sea turtle eggs continue to be harvested, sold in the market in nearby Juchitán, and appear on the menu at local restaurants. Why? Join investigative reporter John Dickie in the state of Oaxaca to find out.
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PRODUCER: John Dickie
CAMERA: Gustavo Mora
MUSIC: Agouti Music and Moronga Sessions
SPECIAL THANKS: Rio Seco, Memo Gonzalez, Rusvel Rasgado, Flordelis Aquino, Wild Coast, SEMARNAT, CONANP, PROFEPA, SEMAR

Stealing Turtle Eggs Got People Shot, But The Thievery Continues | National Geographic

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