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Sphynx Cat 101 - Must Watch BEFORE Getting One!

Facts about Cats

Sphynx Cats are famous for their unique look, but are they good pets? Find out everything about Sphynx Cats in my Sphynx Cat 101 video! It's the best Sphynx Cats 101 video you'll find! I discuss their fascinating history, their amazing personality, and everything else you need to know!

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What's this video all about?
In this video I make a comprehensive introduction to the Sphynx Cat breed, previously called Canadian Hairless. Not a lot of people know about them. For those who do, they are either seen as ugly or as gorgeous.
As far as their personality is involved, many people think they are mean cats. However, this cannot be more false!
In this video, I talk about their fascinating history, followed by their unique appearance, personality, health issues and price.
I discuss about if they're suited for young kids or older children, about how they get along with other cats and dogs.
I also discuss their special needs. They can also have health issues and have a lower life expectancy than other cats, which are things you need to consider before getting one.
Also, their price is not to be neglected! They are pretty expensive cats.
Overall, they are not suited for everyone, but after watching this video, you'll know if you should get a Sphynx Cat or not.
If you want a Sphynx cat or are interested in Sphynx Cats, this video is for you!

Intro: 00:00
History: 00:12
Appearance: 02:30
Grooming needs: 03:50
Personality: 04:44
Other pets & children: 06:36
Are they lap cats?: 07:00
Indoor or outdoor: 07:23
Health issues: 07:41
Life expectancy: 08:17
Price: 08:42
Other options: 09:10

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✅What's this channel all about?

Cats, cats, and even more cats! This channel's goal is to become a resource for all cat lovers and cat owners out there. I also want to help new cat owners with all the information they need.

✅Who am I?

A crazy cat lady who loves to know as much as possible about cats and share that information with anyone interested.
I think cats are amazing, and they don't deserve the bad reputation they sometimes have. I really want to help change this!

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Disclaimer: This video is made for entertainment purposes only. It is not in any way medical/professional/breeder advice and should not be treated as so. Use the advice/information presented in this video at your own risk. Always look for medical advice from licensed veterinarians.

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