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Soviet Union Military Medals Awards In World War II


Soviet Union Military Medals Awards In World War II List
Hero of the Soviet Union
Order of the Red Banner
Order of Lenin
Order of Suvorov
Order of Kutuzov
Order of Ushakov
Order of Nakhimov
Order of Glory
Order of Alexander Nevsky
Order of the Patriotic War
Order of the Red Star
Great Patriotic War 1941–1945"
Victory over Japan Medal
" Defence of Leningrad"Medal
Defence of Odessa"Medal
Defence of Sevastopol"Medal
Defence of Stalingrad"Medal
Defence of Moscow"Medal
Defence of the Caucasus"Medal
Defence of the Soviet Transarctic"Medal
Defence of Kyiv"Medal
Capture of Berlin"Medal
Capture of Vienna"Medal
Capture of k?nigsberg"Medal
Capture of Budapest"Medal
Liberation of Prague"Medal
Liberation of Warsaw"Medal
Liberation of Belgrade"Medal

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