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Songs of the Northern Udmurts in national costumes. Russia

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Russia Udmurtia. Songs of the Northern Udmurts in national costumes.
The Udmurts (Udmurt: Удмуртъёс, Udmurt’jos) are a Permian (Finnic) ethnic group in Eastern Europe, who speak the Udmurt language. In the course of history, Russianspeakers are referred to them as Chud Ostyatskaya, Ostyaks, Votyaks Votyaks.
The Udmurt language belongs to the Uralic family.

The Udmurts have a national epic called Dorvyzhy. Their national musical instruments include the krez zither (similar to the Russian gusli) and a pipelike wind instrument called the chipchirghan.

A chapter in the French Description de toutes les nations de l'empire de Russie from 1776 is devoted to the description of the Wotyak people.James George Frazer also mentions a rite performed by the people in his book The Golden Bough.

Many Udmurt people have red hair, and a festival to celebrate the redhaired people has been held annually in Izhevsk since 2004.

The Udmurts used to be seminomadic forest dwellers that lived in riverside communities. However, most Udmurts now live in towns. Although the clanbased social structure of the Udmurts no longer exists, its traces are still strong and it continues to shape modern Udmurt culture

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