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Solo Female Working 9-5 While Living Full-Time Her ProMaster Camper Van

Tiny Home Tours

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Emily started in a tiny apartment, then traveled with a suitcase lifestyle, and finally ended in her adorable van. Her home on wheels has a super functional build starting with the main living space that transforms into a dinette table, a spare bed, or a lounging couch with a hideaway toilet secretly stored underneath.

Her garage, or wine cellar as she calls it, holds miscellaneous items and has a door leading to an easily accessible path to the back of the van. Although she doesn't clearly understand each item, she has a sweet setup of control panels, one for solar, a thermostat for her propane heater, another for the hot water thermostat, and lastly, one to monitor her batteries. Emily and her noname fish currently don't travel much, but she loves the size and practical design of her tiny home on wheels.


Shot by: @theaveragebrad
Edited by: @filmbro_

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