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Smart little Crow survives storm crushing down his Tree

A Chick Called Albert

A Storm took down a tree that was the home to a crows family. When the tree was put to the side, a boy heard something squeaking and discovered a tragedy. One of the baby crows survived. Now he is my funny and curious friend.
Please leave your ideas in the comments on what I should try to teach him. He loves to interact with me and he is really enjoying to learn new tricks.

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If you ever find a baby crow in need:
Best is to take it to a bird rescue centre for they have all the knowledge and experience to give the bird what it needs.
In case you have to take care of it yourself, please give it a safe place away from pets and small children.
If it is really small, it will still need head. (too hot is dangerous too make sure he doesn't over heat) a lamp could work or a heating blanket. What also works is a bottle filled with hot water with a towel around it.
They don't drink! They get their moist from wet food.
You could feed them bread mixed with wet cat food and a boiled or raw egg make all of this wet (like in the video)
What also works really well is soaked puppy pellets.
Good luck they make great friends.

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